We produce protective clothing and accessories of high-quality fabrics. Our goal is to assist our customers in entire sewing process: product development, pattern making, digitizing, marker making, plotting, spreading, cutting, sewing, finishing and packaging. Our mission is to supply customer the best quality products at the most competitive prices in time. With a help of experienced employees, advanced sewing technology and equipment we help our customers to put their valuable labels on our high-quality products.


Product development. Clothing sample such as prototypes and duplicates we can produce from a conceptual idea or from existing specifications or hard copy pattern.
Pattern making. Patterns from hard paper we can digitize using our Lectra digitizing equipment. All sizes we can grade according required specifications. We use Lectra pattern making system to generate accurate patterns.
Marker making. Using the Lectra marker system, we can produce and lay (single or multiple size) markers for most optimal fabric utilization. Approved markers we plot using our Lectra plotting system.
Cutting. Our garment cutting room produces fabric patterns with a minimum waste of textile.
Sewing. Our quality control system is designed to provide a defect free, specification conformant garment.
Finishing. All garments are fully examined before leaving our warehouse.


...design and sew with us...


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